“My wife and I love your site and we are excited that you are promoting local events in our area. It is great to see so many great things to do locally.”
Justin-The Greater Danbury Area Progressive Voice

“First off, how cool is it to have a blog filled with awesome ideas in your area. I don’t know this blogger personally, but as a blogger I think she is a genius!”
Aimee-Momma’s June Bugs

“It’s been just a few days now that I have had an ad for my custom cake business, D’s Sweet Things, posted on Neighborhood Squirrel and I have already received 7 new cake orders!!! Thanks Neighborhood Squirrel!”
Denise-D’s Sweet Things, Danbury

“I use your website all the time. I love it!!! Finally a local website that has things to do.”
Theresa-MOMS Club of Danbury West/New Fairfield

“I think you do an amazing job & I love reading your daily FB updates.  I was always looking for stuff to do in the area when my kids were younger and I was a stay at home mom.”
Kimberly Ramsey-The Toy Room, Bethel

“I think your site is such a great idea (and really well-designed, too)!”
Allie-Analogue Chic, Danbury

“What a wonderful idea!”
Lili Lutu-Bespoke Jewelry, Brookfield