“Nairobi Half Life” To Screen At Palace Danbury

NHL Still Mwas Bus_AlmesbergerOn Thursday, March 21, the film Nairobi Half Life will be shown at The Palace Danbury along with 100 select theaters across the country. This special one-night-only screening is presented by The Feature Film Project, a new concept in film distribution, brought to you by the creators of The Manhattan Short Film Festival.  Audience members at these screenings will decide by vote whether to give the film a feature run in cinemas across the United States later this year.
Nairobi Half Life was selected as the Kenyan entry for this years’s Academy Awards. Directed by Daniel “Tosh” Gitonga, it stars the brilliant Joseph Wairimu as Mwas, an aspiring young actor from a small Kenyan village who dreams of success. Despite his parents’ disapproval, Mwas leaves his small village and embarks on a journey to Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, to pursue a career in acting. Naïve and filled with hope, he quickly learns why the city is nicknamed “Nairobbery.” A few innocent mistakes land him in jail, which eventually leads Mwas to connect with a tough street gang. Although he learns how to survive in the dangerous and sprawling urban center, Mwas is torn between his new lifestyle of theft and violence and his dream of becoming an actor.

“Director David Tosh Gitonga’s distinct spin on this premise makes it comparable to other landmark films of this genre, such as Midnight Cowboy, and even Slumdog Millionaire.” – Nijla Mumin, Indiewire

Nairobi Half Life will be shown at The Palace Danbury on Thursday, March 21 at 7:00 PM.  The film is in Swahili, Kikuyu and English with subtitles, RT 96 minutes.  Tickets cost $12 and can be ordered online at www.thepalacedanbury.com, by phone 203 794-9944, or purchased at the box office the night of the show.

The Palace Danbury is located at 165 Main Street in downtown Danbury, CT. Free parking is readily available for patrons in the parking lot behind the building. For more information, please call 203 794-994 or visit www.thepalacedanbury.com

More Info about The Feature Film Project: http://www.thefeaturefilmproject.com