StoryWalk at Tarrywile Park & Mansion

willie takes a hikeLooking for free things to do with the kids this summer? StoryWalk 2013 is here! Come have fun with your kids and get your summer reading in at Tarrywile Park & Mansion. Bring a snack or lunch so you can talk about the book while enjoying the Childrens’ Garden.

July 8 – 12 
“Willie Takes a Hike “by Gloria Rand & Ted Rand Description: Moving to his family’s new home in the junkyard, Willie the mouse sets out to explore his new territory and is delighted bythe area’s exciting new promise, until he has a run-in with a raccoon and a cat.

July 15 – 19
“Over in the Meadow” By Ezra Jack Keates Description: Welcome to a lush meadow bustling with activity, where one turtle digs, two fish swim, three bluebirds sing, and so on to ten fireflies that shine in the night. Keats’s collage-style illustrations perfectly complement this classic Appalachian counting rhyme

July 22 – 26
“Butterfly Birthday” by Harriet Ziefert Description: On the first day of spring, bugs of every shape, size, and color greet each other after the long, cold winter. At a spectacular party to celebrate the vernal equinox, caterpillars emerge from their chrysalises to join in the fun.

July 29 – Aug. 2
“Home Sweet Home” by Caroline Pitcher Description: Frog lives in a bucket, but suddenly, he has to find a new home! Can any of his friends in the garden take him in? Will he ever find somewhere else to live?

Aug 5 – 9
“Miss Spider’s Tea party” by David Kirk Description: Miss Spider can’t understand why insects flee in panic at her approach. She only wants to invite them over for cakes and tea. The ironic air wafting through Kirk’s rhymed tale will not be lost on young readers, and the insects in the big, brightly colored illustrations bear comically apprehensive expressions as they hastily depart . . . At last, Miss Spider is able to convince a rain-soaked moth of her good intentions.”

Aug 12 – 16
“Owl Babies” by Martin Waddell Description: As three adorable Owl chicks sit on a branch in the woods their fears and concerns become very real as they worry that their mom may not return. The striking illustrations cleverly enhance their mood as they sit, waiting and thinking, until finally all is well again.

Aug. 19 – 23
“Leo the Lightning Bug” by Eric Drachman Description: Leo wins our hearts and gains self-confidence in his struggle to make his very own light.

StoryWalk is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm. Please note that rain cancels the StoryWalk. Parking is in the lower parking lot.

Tarrywile Park & Mansion is located at 70 Southern Blv. in Danbury, CT.


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